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What is it about the French men of sport and nudity? Of course, we are not complaining, we wish plenty more sporty men would get their kit off for the cameras! There are a few sports hunks out there we would love to see with their kit off .

You guys know we’ve had the French Rugby team naked in front of cameras a few times in the past, and we still insist that they seem to specifically choose male models for their team. But they are not the only French sporty guys who like to get their wangs out for the cameras it seems.

Okay, they might not be getting their wangs out so much, but there is plenty of slim and defined bods and some tight little butts in this collection from the French Fencing team.

As a fan of locker room scenes we have to confess that we would love to be on that team. We don’t know much about Fencing, but we definitely have some good thrusting action we could display if we had the chance.